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  1. Feel Good about Slashing Superfluous Words

    Snipping thread, trimming hair … both lead to good results. It’s the same with cutting entire phrases from your texts, making phrases shorter, reducing groups of words down to one term or substituting several words with just one. No matter which method you choose, you’ll feel good about having slashed all those superfluous words while simplifying your writing.   […]

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  2. Wonderful Words Uncovered

    Our wonderful words series features terms that may not be well known, but that are odd and marvelous. This one doesn’t even appear in the Oxford English Dictionary or in Merriam-Webster’s. Snobocracy As most people know, a “snob” is “a person with an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate […]

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  3. Your Left Is My Right: The Quirky Lingo of Handedness

    Opposites don’t necessarily attract, but they usually make things clearer. Coins always land either heads up or tails down. The New York Black-and-White Cookie is iced in both colors, each occupying the same amount of surface area. And left and right are two distinct sides – except when your left happens to be my right. […]

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  4. Can the New So Easily Become the “New Normal”?

    Innovations, transformations and revolutions love what’s new, and hate normalcy. So if much of society can’t wait for the next iPhone, why are we so quick to label something new as the “new normal”? Is the new normal the same as saying a trend or atypical situation has become mainstream? Perhaps. But today’s speed of […]

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  5. Cut-Cut-Cut: Smile at Eliminating Those Superfluous Words

    Cutting superfluous words from your texts might make you cringe at first. Then you’ll be sad at parting with some of your “darlings”, those words you think the writing just can’t do without. Next you’ll become serene when you see the logic of it, and even happy at the realization that your message will benefit. When you reread […]

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  6. When Pittsburgh Met Paris: How We Love to Cite Cities

    Places have enhanced our language in expressions we can’t do without Cities conjure up locations on a map or physical expanses of streets and tall buildings. They mean much more to their citizens and admirers, however. Invoking a city by name can be like opening a photo album – it reveals deeper feelings. While announcing […]

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