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Feel Good about Slashing Superfluous Words

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Snipping thread, trimming hair … both lead to good results. It’s the same with cutting entire phrases from your texts, making phrases shorter, reducing groups of words down to one term or substituting several words with just one. No matter which method you choose, you’ll feel good about having slashed all those superfluous words while simplifying your writing.



the existence of

for your information

in the process of



all day long

question as to whether

hot water heater


Reduce to one word:

a matter of concern

different in nature

total commitment

at the time when

disbarred from legal practice


Substitute with one word:

an abundance of   many

has to do with    concerns

take a stand for   endorse; defend

do not have much confidence in   distrust; doubt

in excess of   over

previous to; prior to   before; until

subsequent to   after

in spite of the fact that   although

in excess of   more; over

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