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Darling, Step Aside! Time to Eliminate Superfluous Words

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Yes, even long-standing expressions, the darlings of speech, can be substituted for simpler discourse. If two words (“no difference”) can replace 10 (“six of one …”), then why not take the plunge? Here is our latest list of words you can often do without to tighten your writing:



At some time in the future

Divert away from

A red-coloured dress

Dates back from


Reduce to one word:

Awkward predicament

Short tweet

Added bonus

Face mask

A number of examples

Private industry

Acres of land



a certain measure of    some

a lot of   many

an adequate number of   enough

arrive at a decision   decide

by means of   through

has a preference for   prefers

in a timely fashion   soon

not always the case   sometimes

six of one and half a dozen of the other  no difference

in certain situations   occasionally

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